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Customer Review 

"Wow. There’s so much to say. My experience with Vansion was honestly just the best. From my first conversation with John I knew I found my Van. I actually had almost put a deposit down with a different company in Michigan but after seeing John’s product on conversion trader and then talking with him I was sold.

Vansion is everything they claim to be and more. The quality of wood construction is master level work. The power house is absolutely top notch in its layout and component selection as well.

I’ve had ZERO problems with the Van and when some very minor questions about things came up they answer the phone and Lyle gets me what I need.

This Van truly is my home. I live in it 100% of the time. All the appliances are top notch, the quality of the shower, sink, RO tap, bed framing (btw the bed is super comfy), are perfect.

The details of the cabinetry, wood floors, wood selection and the finishing process are better than you’d find in a expensive home. When Vansion says custom they really deliver.

I’ve driven this van for 5 straight months and couldn’t be happier with it.

Every time I pull into a trail head, state park etc. people are amazed at my home on wheels. Honestly, I am too.

They say to be careful of expectations but in this case it just isn’t true. Everything was exactly the way I thought it would be and more. Even the pull out desk is a piece of art.

I think that’s the best way to describe this Van. It really is just an incredible piece of art. A cabin on wheels and I couldn’t be happier with the product, the service and the personal touch’s that came with it.

When I walked into the Van the day John delivered it to me in Flagstaff I cried because it truly was something amazing and unique.

For anyone considering making an investment with the team at Vansion. You will not only not be disappointed you will be grateful beyond measure for choosing them.

I guess that sums it up. Thank you John and the team at Vansion for making my dreams come true."

Aaron Swartout

Full-Time Van Dweller

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