2022 Ram Promaster 3500 EXT

  • 159” Wheel Base, 250.5” outer length

  • Rear back-up camera

  • Bluetooth

  • Cruise control

  • Electrical

  • 1080W solar array

  • 3600W Alternator Charger (The solar array is sufficient for 4-5 days in extreme weather conditions, but the alternator is a game changer as a backup power supply for extended travel. This build requires no propane and no shore power.)

  • 6000W Inverter

  • Victron Charge Controller

  • 800 Ah lithium ion battery bank (400 Ah relative to 24V) with state of charge display

  • Six-zone dimmable lighting

  • Four 120V AC outlets

  • 4 USB ports

  • This van is smart. It cuts nonessential loads (heating/stove/water heater) when the battery bank's state of charge drops below 15%, which protects the essential loads (refrigerator, bed outlets for cell phones and medical devices, lights, fans)



  • Nature's Head Composting toilet

  • 100% heated and insulated water lines 

  • 46-gallon fresh water tank

  • 15-gallon heated, insulated, and steel-encased gray water tank (It can take a rock hit and will not freeze in winter)

  • 4-gallon hot water heater (the water comes out as hot as you want it)

  • Fixed shower with 4 solid walls, shower fan, and a glass door

  • Reverse osmosis tap

  • Liquid soap dispenser


  • 200+lbs of 100% Pure Wool insulation throughout

  • 200 ft^2 of sound deadening mats (This van is quiet, really quiet.

  • Bulkhead and entry walls (These are not just decorative. You will understand the advantage of the bulkhead when you walk into the cab and feel a 40 degree temperature difference. Every piece of exposed metal is a thermal bridge, so we got rid of all of them. High R values in the walls won't do you much good if all your heat goes out the front of the vehicle!)

Upgraded Suspension

  • 3” lift (The standard low clearance of Promasters is a problem if you want to go anywhere interesting without destroying your gray tank.)

  • New 245/74/R16 Michelin Agilis Cross Climate tires (these along with the Promaster's extra wide wheel base give excellent control in all conditions)

  • New Sumo Springs 

  • Available payload after conversion is 1250 lbs 


  • Hand-made eastern red cedar panelling and drawer bottoms (yes, it smells wonderful)

  • Hand-made walnut cabinetry and trim

  • Hand-made white oak butcher block countertops and retractable table

  • Hand made 5/8” solid white oak floor (most conversions use cheap vinyl floors)

  • Hand made solid teak shower floor

  • Cabinet grade baltic birch plywood

  • No formaldehyde-leaching particle board, no VOC-offgassing lacquer, no asthma-causing polyurethanes fumes. The solid wood is finished with pure tung and orange oil. This is a slow and expensive way to go, but we wanted to apply toxic chemicals about as much as you want to live with them.

Additional features

  • 5-inch memory foam short queen mattress included (new in plastic)

  • Bed platform is 75” long

  • Ceiling is 73” minimum

  • Sliding bike/storage tray on 500lb slides

  • Two benches for seating around table

  • Two screened windows plus AC ventilation system. The bunk window invites a cross breeze over the bed platform while the inner entry window allows you to open the outer sliding door and enjoy fresh air without the bugs!

Building a van that doesn’t look like a house is easy. The trick is to build a house that doesn’t look like a van. These builds have inner stealth. You will forget you’re in a vehicle.