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Customer Review 

"Super friendly; passionate about their work; unparalleled craftsmanship; complete customer involvement throughout the entire process; open to all suggestions (crazy or not); one of a kind - both their product and this company!

It’s really a family experience and John, Christine, Lyle and Emerson have become like family after this experience. Hell, I even passed out cigars when I picked up my Vansion because I felt like a proud new parent! What this creative Team does is unique because they create a home on wheels - your home - tailored just for you! From the outside it is just a van but once you slide that side door open you step into a warm inviting home surrounded by the peaceful earthy wood tones, grain and smells of a cabin in the woods. The attention to detail is unbelievable and I challenge you to find a piece of plastic anywhere! A Vansion creation is your vision and it gives you boundless freedom - no reservations required - let your imagination be your guide.

This project was very personal to me. My late wife’s favorite flower was the sunflower so my choice for the etching next to the front door under the window was easy…but wait there’s more. My wife and her two younger sisters all loved ladybugs and because they are no longer with us I asked John if he could somehow add three ladybugs to the sunflower etching. “Let me see what we can do” was his response. The result was a one-of-a-kind beautiful sunflower etching with a ladybug on each of the three flower pedals. I cannot thank John and the Vansion Team enough for their thoughtfulness and I smile every time I reach for the door to enter my home on wheels.

I call my home on wheels - The Whale’s Tale. Whales symbolize family, romance, longevity, travel, community and protection. The Whale’s Tale was created by John and his Vansion Family and now they are all part of my family.
Happy Trails…"

Jim MacNeil

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