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Do you love trailer parks? What about planned obsolescence? No? Neither do I! That's why I founded Vansion and designed our builds for intrepid travelers who never want to set foot in an "RV resort" or pay for a crowded campsite. As a second generation vanlifer, I understand the challenges of life on the road. Years ago, when my mom invested all her money in an RV, we thought we were buying a place to live, but it turned out the manufacturer didn't see it that way. After only a few months, all the cheap plastic and fiberglass parts started breaking, and when we called them up and said, "Hey! This thing is falling apart!", they replied, "That's because you're using it too much. It's a recreational vehicle. You're not supposed to be living in it." And that was that. Buyer beware. We also envisioned a life of adventure, close to nature in the great open spaces of the West, but reality set in again when we discovered that RVs only work in mild climates when they're plugged in. There is not a single line in the RV manufacturer's code book about insulation requirements. Additionally, RV park fees actually cost more than rent in the city! I know there is a large population living in vehicles, even though no vehicles are actually designed for that purpose, so now I build them. My vans are intended to be used as four-season homes for full-time nomads.
-John Yatsko


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Live and work full-time anywhere now with Vansion + Starlink!



TWO minutes or less, ZERO impact on your credit, and NO obligation to borrow.






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